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‘East Amsterdam connects’

‘East Amsterdam connects’

East Amsterdam is a very diverse and dynamic borough, containing something for everyone. Along the Amstel on the Weesperzijde, around the Oosterpark and in the Watergraafsmeer you can find some stately buildings. The Dapperbuurt and the Indian neighbourhood are typical working-class neighbourhoods that were developed at the end of the 19th century. The neighbourhoods Jerusalem and Betondorp are a product of the housing shortage after World War II, and in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the remainder of the areas were constructed.

At the end of the ‘80s, the first steps were taken to transform the dodgy ‘Eastern Dockland’ (‘Oostelijk Havengebied’) to a residential area, with as a highlight the KNSM-island, which has become Amsterdam’s version of the ‘Docs’. In fact, this transformation is still going on. The Cruquius island is being redeveloped at the moment, leaving the old buildings intact and fitting them in between plans for new projects.

Newly developed areas

Last but not least, there are the entirely newly developed areas Zeeburgereiland and IJburg. IJburg in particular is a beautiful example of old-fashioned urban expansion in Amsterdam-style, like Kattenburg, Prinseneiland and Java-eiland, but in a modern way. The newly won land is heaven for urban planners. The vicinity of the water is being used and integrated as much as possible in the different neighbourhoods, so everyone can enjoy it. At the start this development seemed hesitant, partly due to the crisis, but nowadays it’s a popular destination, and not only for families. IJburg’s success is also visible in the sharp rise in housing prices.

When viewing East Amsterdam from a higher perspective, it connects Amsterdam with the nearby areas from the Metropolitan Area Amsterdam (MRA). From Duivendrecht and Diemen to Weesp and Muiden; all these municipalities were once disconnected from Amsterdam, but have since become connected with the city, to a larger or lesser extent. If you were to compare Amsterdam with other metropolises like New York, Tokyo and Melbourne, then East Amsterdam is the heart of the Bay Area! In the future, the Bay Area in the Metropolitan Area Amsterdam could stretch from Durgerdam up until and including Muiden.

In short: East Amsterdam is alive and kicking, and has a beautiful history and a shining future.
MVA estate agent Niels Mayer, Ben uw makelaar

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East Amsterdam is a borough of the Municipality of Amsterdam in Noord-Holland. This borough was formulated in 2010 and is a merging of the earlier boroughs Oost-Watergraafsmeer and Zeeburg. East Amsterdam has a population of almost 129,000 on a surface area of over 30 km2.