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‘Heemstede in top 5 for quality of life’

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‘Heemstede in top 5 for quality of life’

For years now, Heemstede has made the top 5 in Elsevier’s yearly compilation of the best municipalities for quality of life. This isn’t surprising; it has beautiful lanes, recognisable 1920s and ‘30s architecture, and ample of greenery, space and quiet. Heemstede is not only a town with character, but also a central location to live; you’re in the city of Haarlem in no time, you can bike to the beach, and Amsterdam and Schiphol are easy to reach by car or train.

Ageing population

Heemstede has an approximate population of 27,000, and it’s a real commuter town. The majority of the working population works in the Amsterdam area. Apart from that, Heemstede has quite an ageing population; 33% of its inhabitants are over 60 years old. This is a hindrance to the flow on the property market. Many elderly people want to move to a single-storey house in the city-centre. However, the supply of these types of homes is very limited, and now the housing market has picked up again, we’re observing an enormous rise in transaction prices. This mainly holds for spacious apartments (>120 m²) in more luxurious complexes. In the past year, prices have risen with a whopping 22%, due to the very limited supply of these luxurious apartments. Smaller and simpler apartments that are less centrally located show a more modest increase in price.

These elderly often leave behind spacious single-family homes (>180 m²), built in the ‘20s and ’30s. Those houses are very popular among buyers that are climbing the property ladder, but also very limited in terms of supply. Properties in this segment are often sold within a week, and the prices per square meter are at a historical high; prices between €5,000 and €6,000 have become commonplace. For more exclusive properties, the prices per square meter are rising to €7,000+.
The supply of new developments is just as limited. Only rarely do new locations become available for the construction of houses or apartments.
Despite the fact that Heemstede is a commuter town and many of its inhabitants are active in the metropolis Amsterdam, the percentage of people moving to Heemstede from Amsterdam is only 7%. The majority was already living in Heemstede, or in the neighbouring places Haarlem and Bloemendaal.

All things considered, we can conclude that finding suitable housing in Heemstede will continue to be tricky.

MVA estate agent Tom Heijmeijer, Boonstra Heijmeijer Makelaars.

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Heemstede is a town and municipality in the province of Noord-Holland. The municipality has a population of 26,989 (2017) and a surface area of 9.61 km² (of which 0.15 km² is water).