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‘Hidden gem New West discovered once and for all’

‘Hidden gem New West discovered once and for all’

The Sloterplas was once dug to extract sand for the surrounding garden cities, but nowadays it forms the heart of Amsterdam’s New West borough, together with the Sloterpark surrounding it. And a beating heart it is, with a beach, plenty of restaurants and cafes, sports facilities, festivals and dance events. Moreover, it is only 4.3 kilometres from the Dam, as the crow flies. Proud of its assets, the borough emits a radiating glow, which is increasingly attracting the attention of house hunters.

Because of urban developments after 2001, many existing properties have been replaced by new developments: the apartments in New West Amsterdam are attractive because of their relatively new state. In the past year, these types of apartments have been best-sellers. It’s also interesting to note the amount of single-family homes that are on the market here. The area attracts many families from inside the Ring who are looking for more greenery, space and quiet. After all, New West Amsterdam combines the advantages of a ‘village-like’ atmosphere with big-city amenities for all ages.

Hoekstra & Van Eck are based in the middle of the heart of New West Amsterdam. From our offices, we can see how the borough is flourishing. The Osdorpplein is a nice example of continuous renovation, with a growing number of shops, a cinema, and – fortunately – hundreds of new homes. Those are desperately needed in this tight market of ample demand but a shrinking supply. Compared to last year, the supply of homes in Amsterdam New West has been halved. However, the transaction times of sales have halved as well. Less supply and more demand often lead to higher transaction prices, but homes are still affordable here. Which, undoubtedly, explains the ever-growing interest.

New West Amsterdam will keep developing: in the coming years, the Sloterpark, among other things, will be renovated. Plans are to improve its design and tackle deferred maintenance. This ‘hidden gem’ is no longer hidden, but findable and accessible for everyone.

MVA estate agent Leonie Rump, Hoekstra & van Eck Makelaars

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New West Amsterdam is a borough of the Municipality of Amsterdam and was formulated in 2010 after a merging of the earlier boroughs Geuzenveld/Slotermeer, Slotervaart and Osdorp. The borough has a surface area of 32 km2 and a population of 146,700 (2015).