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‘Influx of Amsterdammers to ‘t Gooi continues’

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MVA estate agent Ellen Mouthaan, Ellen Mouthaan Makelaardij

‘Influx of Amsterdammers to ‘t Gooi continues’

Amsterdam and ‘t Gooi are only twenty kilometres apart, as the crow flies, but they are two different worlds. Amsterdam’s hectic real estate market, with its fast-increasing prices, has pushed many Amsterdammers to look for a better housing-for-money deal elsewhere, which often happens to be in ‘t Gooi. This increase in demand subsequently results in higher housing prices in ‘t Gooi.

Especially young families with children make the move, leaving their owner-occupied apartments on the ring road behind. The widened A1 road with its lack of traffic jams makes the decision to move to ‘t Gooi easier than a few years ago. And for the price of a 3- or 4-bedroom apartment in Amsterdam, this group can buy a real house in ‘t Gooi, with a front and back yard, in a quintessential and quiet, green area.

The price range of €400,000 to €800,000 is particularly popular among this group. In Bussum, for example, over half of the properties with a garden in this price range are sold to people from Amsterdam. In Hilversum, which is further from Amsterdam, ‘only’ 24% of the buyers in this price range comes from the capital. In the lower price ranges, the percentage of buyers from Amsterdam is significantly lower, despite the wide variety of choice.

The popularity of the area among young people from Amsterdam is resulting in fast-increasing prices in ‘t Gooi. Although it must be said that there are striking differences between different types of properties, price ranges and municipalities. It is noteworthy that many young families who come to ‘t Gooi are being confronted with the downside of the popularity of the area, too: many children cannot attend the school, day-care and/or sports club of their first choice. That doesn’t seem to spoil the fun, however; the influx of Amsterdammers continues.

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