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‘North nuts?!’

babette peters

Babette Peters, Peters-De Jong Makelaardij

‘North nuts?!’

The popularity of North Amsterdam is still growing. The times of being slightly embarrassed when telling people you’d bought a house ‘on the other side’ are long gone. The North is hip and booming. And that goes for more than just the new developments on the bank of the IJ river and the age-old popularity of the quintessential houses on the dike along the Nieuwendammerdijk. Nowadays all boroughs, even Tuindorp Oost, contribute to this.

Already in 2016, prices per square meter skyrocketed in North Amsterdam. This growth is still continuing, and was 12.9% in the third quarter of 2017. However, the price per square meter – €3,000 on average – is relative in North Amsterdam, because the properties we sell here often offer more than just square meters of living space. About a third of them consists of a whole property including a garden. Try to find that in one of the other boroughs. The North still offers space and greenery, and all of that within the Ring. So why is North nuts?

What’s remarkable about the new statistics is that not only the supply, but also the amount of homes sold has decreased. The median mortgage term has stayed the same, and the average time a property is available on the market is two weeks. The difference between the asking price and the selling price is only increasing this year, which can be seen from the many registrations we receive at Peters-De Jong Makelaardij.

The growth of North Amsterdam does require some adjustments, however, since there are a lot of new developments. In several locations, improvements are being made to the infrastructure, and there is a lot of talk about extra ferries and the construction of a cycling bridge at the Java island (2025). From July 2018, the long-awaited Noord-Zuidlijn will start running, which will bring the city-centre even closer.

The housing market may be crazy, but choosing for the North is everything but nuts!

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