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‘Once in Purmerend, you’ll never want to leave’

‘Once in Purmerend, you’ll never want to leave’

Because the set-up of Woon Amsterdam has changed this year, for the first time there is attention for the area surrounding Amsterdam, too, called the Metropolitan Area Amsterdam. When thinking about the area surrounding Amsterdam, Purmerend soon springs to mind.

When you think about Purmerend as a non-Purmerender, you probably think about Brit Dekker and the terror owl, but when looking further, you’ll soon see that Purmerend is a very attractive and complete city!

Our city counts over 80,000 people. Many of these originate from Amsterdam but moved to Purmerend because they discovered that life here is not that bad at all. You’re back in Amsterdam in no time; the convenient bus and train connections as well as the second Coentunnel for cars ensure you’re back on Amsterdam’s familiar soil before you know it.

But we do warn you, once you live in Purmerend, the necessity to leave will fade with each day. Because of the diversity in shops and business parks, with Baanstee Noord fully underway, there are ample employment opportunities. Apart from that, Purmerend has a lively city-centre, a beautifully constructed square full of cafes and restaurants, a fine theatre, a swimming pool and a music and culture venue, for example.

Unfortunately, in Purmerend too, too little houses were built during the crisis, resulting in a shortage of homes. Although new developments are currently being constructed in several locations, the demand is many times greater than the supply. The influx from Amsterdam has increased prices in 2017 yet again. Overbidding, open house viewings and registering are all the order of the day, though not as badly as in Amsterdam.

Purmerend needs at least 10,000 homes until 2040, but there aren’t many places to expand. When the Kop van West has been used completely, there are not many spaces remaining inside the municipal borders. This is why high-rise building is currently being discussed, which stems from the plan 2040.
By going into the sky at several locations, the municipality thinks it can meet the continuous and increasing demand for both owner-occupied and rental properties.

In 2017, too, prices have risen –  though slightly slower than in 2016 – with a stunning 11.3%. With supplies having more than halved since the crisis, the National Mortgage Guarantee Limit (Nationale Hypotheekgarantiegrens) being upped to €265,000 and the average transaction price in 2017 staying far below this (€231,600), I expect prices will continue to rise in 2018.

MVA estate agent Laura Herlé-Ruys, HR Makelaars.

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Purmerend is a city and municipality in the area Waterland, Noord-Holland, with a population of over 80,000. The municipality has a surface area of 24.52 km² (of which 0.65 km² is water).