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‘Uithoorn and Aalsmeer: the affordable alternatives for Amsterdam’

Chris van Zantwijk, EKZ Makelaars

‘Uithoorn and Aalsmeer: the affordable alternatives for Amsterdam’

House hunters who find Amsterdam too expensive are looking for alternatives in the vicinity of the Dutch capital, resulting in price hikes in bordering areas, such as the city of Amstelveen on the South side of the city.

This movement is now continuing in the direction of the Amstelland area, where Uithoorn and Aalsmeer are attractive places to live. Because of their central location on the border of both the urban area and the Groene Hart, Uithoorn and Aalsmeer are interesting for commuters who work in the big cities, or even abroad, because of their close distance to Schiphol Airport.

The trend in recent years can be summarised as follows: because of economic growth and the attraction of Uithoorn and Aalsmeer, the demand has risen considerably, whereas the affordable supply has significantly decreased.
However, at the end of the third quarter of 2017, there was a break in this trend. The supply is stabilising and the demand is declining. It seems as if the searching consumer, who has often been disappointed, is waiting for different times.

From 2018, a number of new projects are being realised in the Amstelland area. For these, ample demand is expected. This is (part of) a solution for the lack of supply, and will help re-establish the flow. But for how long?
The building possibilities around Uithoorn and Aalsmeer are not infinite. But when the flow is set in motion again, for instance through new developments, the existing supply will profit too.

In 2017, the median price of single-family homes in Uithoorn was €296,178 (€2,429 per m²). In Aalsmeer, this was €339,660 (€2,554 per m²).
As mentioned previously: ‘Uithoorn and Aalsmeer: the affordable alternatives on the South side of the capital.’

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Uithoorn and Aalsmeer are towns and municipalities in Noord-Holland. The municipalities have a population of 29,247 and 31,393 respectively (2017), and a combined surface area of almost 54 km² (19.49 km² and 34.40 km², respectively).