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Renting or buying a property in The Greater The Hague Area

We understand that moving abroad brings major challenges and changes for you and your family. Therefore, we would like to assist you, as an MVA Certified Expat Broker specialized in working with Expats from all over the world, in the best way we can. Benedikte Zijlstra, MVA Certified Expat Broker at Meijs & Alink Makelaardij, will tell you all about it.

Benedikte Zijlstra

Rental agent or buying agent
Renting a property in The Netherlands is a different process than buying a property. People might not be aware of this and sometimes there are some difficulties to overcome. To make it all a little easier for you, just like in the buying process, we advise you to hire an “aanhuur or aankoop makelaar” (rental agent or buying agent) who is a member of the MVA and knows all the ins and outs to help you.

What can you do to start the search for a rental property when you are still abroad?
You can explore the MVA Certified Expat Brokers site where you can find all currently available properties and see their specifications, prices and locations. For The Hague you tick the box “Den Haag”, if you are looking in the Greater The Hague Area you can tick the boxes: “Voorburg”, “Leidschendam”, “Nootdorp”, “Rijswijk” and “Wassenaar” and fill in your price range. When the results come up, you click on the address and you will see the specifications and contact details of the MVA Agent. This way you can make a “pre-selection” while you are still abroad and make this your starting point. This also gives you an idea of the different types of houses we have in The Netherlands. The next step is to contact an MVA agent to guide you through the rental or buying process.

What is the added value of hiring an MVA Agent?
The MVA agent will, together with you, determine your wishes regarding your new home and can tell you all about the different locations and neighbourhoods. The MVA has a large network and can offer you houses in all price ranges. The agent will accompany you to view houses you are interested in and will help you find the house where you would feel at home. In case of renting they will explain the differences between fully and partly furnished houses to you. What is staying behind in the house? Are you allowed to paint walls? Can you bring your pet at all times? What happens when there is a leaking roof? Is there a property manager to take care of the house and how will you get your deposit back when you leave? An agent will advise you on the tenancy or buying Agreement for expats and negotiate on your behalf. The agent will also help you with the check-in, handing over the key and transferring the utilities into your name.

It is also good to know that if you are selling or renting out your Dutch property it is essential to have an agent looking out for your best interests. As an owner, you are looking for the best value and you want to make sure your property is displayed in the best way to attract clients.

For all these matters your MVA Agent is your guide in The Netherlands!

Meijs & Alink Makelaardij is a member of the MVA Certified Expat Brokers. Looking for a MVA Certified Expat Broker? Go to

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